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Flashmag for a franchise structure

Flashmag is an innovative way to display product and service offerings at the Franchisee level that reflects a first class visual online presentation at a fraction of the cost of other mediums. Flashmag empowers a franchisee to communicate with their existing and potential customers email lists instantly and also to track number of openings. They do not need to supply their email contact lists to anyone.

The Internet is the fastest growing communications medium in history. Its take up is so fast and the adoption of email is so prolific that just about everyone has an email address.

In today’s market it is a fairly standard approach for a franchisee to obtain email lists. Once these email lists are obtained they form part of the franchisees direct marketing program. In most cases a franchisee will jealously guard their email lists.

Current approaches have led to unprofessional attempts at direct email offers, poor newsletters that aren’t of much interest and a need for franchisees to up their efforts in email marketing. To employ web development specialists to prepare a professional online presentation is expensive to any one franchisee. Flashmag is offering a system which will provide the latest in technology for a highly professional presentation at a fraction of the cost of a normal advertising campaign because the product can be created directly by the franchisee.

The franchisee can use one or more Flashmag template shells and the franchisee or any nominated employee can log into the online administration centre and insert their own text or pictures to comply with the franchisors specifications. In the middle page of their Flashmag there will be one paid advertisement and one on the back cover. You can purchase this space if you have a particular product to promote or allow us to sell this space to a non-competing advertiser.

As soon as the franchisee has finished his preparation of his Flashmag he then sends himself an email from the system containing a hyperlink to Flashmag and he can then forward that onto his email list. Alternately we do have an email out tool that can be offered as an optional extra. Either way, in seconds the Flashmag is live to that email list. They can also track how many times it has been opened. As Flashmag is live any changes made to the Flashmag will be instantly viewable to anyone who clicks on it again.

The template setup and calls to action etc can be many and varied to suit your specific needs. You can commission us to prepare varying templates for different promotions etc to assist the creativity for the franchisee. There are so many possibilities for this amazing product. We will need to discuss these possibilities with you.

The greatest benefit of this system is it is not a flash movie production; it is a live database feed. So it is instantly changeable and delivered as a live feed. It is a living promotion with a call to action!

We would need to meet with you and discuss the pricing for this product and we would be looking for a 12-month commitment to run with this. As a guide to our pricing, we would indicate to you that a 12-month contract to use Flashmag would be less costly to you than ONE printed brochure campaign in terms of design, production, printing and distribution. If you elect not to take up the two advertising spots in the living Flashmag then the cost will be a tenth of one brochure campaign.

Flashmag is an excellent product to provide to franchisees as part of their franchise offer. It demonstrates the power of the combined franchise rather than an individual going it alone.

Remember the possibilities for Flashmag are endless.

– The core product is a live database feed directly into a Unique Flash turning the
   page application
– All content can be dynamically generated by each franchisee in their editable
   regions so their Flashmag is LIVE
– A variety of templates could be created at reasonable prices to suit your own
   marketing programs, Spring Clean, Christmas Bonus, Holiday Specials etc etc etc
– Each Franchisee will have their own log in to develop their own content and manage
   their own program
– Franchisees will not have to hand over their own email lists that are their key asset
– You can elect to take up one or both of the advertising page spots in the Flashmag
   or we can find a non-competing advertiser to pay for these advertising spots
– The Franchisor will get an activity report from each participating Franchisee it terms
   of programs and hits to the Flashmag
– Minimum supervision over Franchisee programs by Franchisor, they can’t change
   the templates
– This is a unique concept that is sure to become a default approach to email
   promotion for products and services


We believe we have the type of application that will appeal to Franchisees and be a valuable marketing tool to be supplied as part of the Franchise offer.

This medium for promotion over the Internet is growing exponentially. Our solution can be deployed in very quick time and once a relationship has been established with us we can continue to assist you by adding new templates and work on other customized assistance to your direct marketing efforts. The possibilities for Flashmag are endless.

Please contact me for any further discussion and for me to walk you through an online demonstration of the front end that the recipient sees and a tour of the easy to use online Franchisee management section.

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