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ideas and applications for flashmag





Flashmag is a great tool for presenting your email communications in a professional but eye catching way.

By working closely with the Flashmag team we can create you an online Flashmag template that adopts your current brand and image. You can regularly add to or complete the development of your email campaign online or have the support of our expert team if required.

Sending Flashmag via email is as simple as placing a link to the magazine in your email communications or adopting Flashmag as your default email template. No attachments to the email.

Flashmag is an innovative way to display product and service offerings to your current contact database, reflecting a first class visual online presentation at a fraction of the cost of other mediums. It provides a unique opportunity for small to large business to use their current email contacts in E- marketing activities such as email campaigns and newsletters.

Communicating on a regular basis your new initiatives, sales opportunities, and more is simple and effective when using Flashmag. Bring online presentation together with the Internet’s power to track hits to the Flashmag. Establish what your clients like and don’t like about your communications.

The Internet is the fastest growing communications medium in history. It’s take up is so fast and the adoption of email is so prolific that just about everyone has an email address.

Your business can now gain an edge. Flashmag will help you place your company’s image at the forefront of online communications and importantly will assist your seeking of a dominant position in the race to demonstrate technological advantage amongst your competitors.

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