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Are you a product based company looking to increase your sales volume, relate with clients more or even looking for ways to give your products an improved online presence? By using Flashmag we can provide an impressive online presentation of your product lines for sale, special offers and promotions and even competitions will take on a new light.

Flashmag can work as a database of products incorporating images, details, pricing and more.

You may have invested many thousands of dollars in branding and graphic design. Importantly Flashmag can incorporate and adopt your brand image and creatively present it online.

Product placement in the magazine is customized into page templates that enable you to have a variety of presentations and designs that will suit, for your specific magazine creation. The template setup and calls to action etc can be many and varied to suit your needs. You can commission us to prepare varying templates for differing campaigns. The advantage of this product is that it is not an expensive flash movie production; it is a live database feed. So it is instantly changeable and delivered as a live feed! It is a living promotion. If you make a mistake in the copy you can login or commission us to change it.

Flashmag can present everything in your current print media. As it’s a visual medium it works best with high quality photos of items. This informative interactive link between you and your market provides a major influence on their potential purchases. You now have the ability to ensure that they open your promotion before simply throwing it in the bin and dismissing it as junk mail. A well developed Flashmag will outperform any letter box campaign for a fraction of the cost.

Flashmag works well with a smaller selection of key products presented well rather than creating a large Flashmag.

We will also be presenting opportunities for you to be able to promote in other Flashmags. Contact us for more details on this exciting possibility.

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