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As an industry Real Estate relies heavily on print media, Internet sites, email communications to keep potential buyers up to date with the property market and available stock. Flashmag is very well suited to the Real Estate market that regularly emails out to potential buyers on a weekly and monthly basis. Now this communication can be a live feed. Place a new property in Flashmag and publish it and everyone opening Flashmag will see the change instantly.

In recent times most real estate agents have adopted some form of email out newsletter style program. These programs require considerable time in preparing for distribution, are not very impressive and usually they are sent on a pay per email basis through a third party email gateway.

Flashmag has considered the needs of the Real Estate market by creating an online LIVE communication platform for the presentation of properties. As changes in the market occur the Real Estate agent can modify the magazine to reflect the current state. It is a powerful presentation medium.

Flashmag is adaptive to the needs of each agent. More importantly it will place your Real Estate network at the forefront of online email communications within the Real Estate sector.

The Internet is the fastest growing communications medium in history. It’s take up is so fast and the adoption of email is so prolific that just about everyone has an email address. Real Estate agents have been first movers in gaining email addresses from prospective buyers and most have substantial opt in email address lists.

Move one-step up from the traditional approaches that have not presented your offering in the best possible way. To employ a web developer to start from scratch and develop an impressive offer would be out of the question for any individual Real Estate agent. A group of agencies or a franchised group can provide the bulk of participants that will drive the costs per agent down to a very reasonable price.

We believe Flashmag is most suitable for a network of Real Estate agencies all using the same template options. In this way the cost per agent per month is extremely reasonable.

In our experience Real Estate agents are already skilled in presenting properties and photos to portals like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au so the skill set required to manage Flashmag is already there.

Real Estate is probably one of the most competitive markets. Now is your chance to get ahead of your competitors by using Flashmag. Impress your clients and make an impact today!

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