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Flashmag for a Catalogue or Magazine

Flashmag is an innovative way to display product and service offerings at the customer level that reflect a first class visual online presentation at a fraction of the cost of other mediums. Flashmag empowers marketing professionals and sales teams in small to large business operations to create relationships online, to communicate your message and importantly to capture the attention of your target markets.

Marketing and Sales initiatives are only accountable if they are accessed. Flashmag gives you the power to track the level of hits, magazine penetration, and response rate to hyperlinks within the magazine. You can therefore track the power of your campaign.

As a sales and marketing professional you can now provide your organisation with an edge. Flashmag allows you to place your company’s image at the forefront of online communications and importantly to seek a dominant position in the race to demonstrate technological advantage amongst your competitors.

Most sales and marketing initiatives invest large amounts of their marketing budget in print media. Print media is carefully developed to present the organization’s brand and image. By using Flashmag you will be able to maintain the image and brand online at a fraction of the cost of print, as the Internet via Flashmag adopts your current print media formats online in a user friendly fashion.

The real key to using Flashmag in partnership with print medias is to provide your online viewers with a preview of the publications’ monthly highlights. If your focus is subscriptions, providing a small grab of pages from the coming issue could be the difference in securing new subscribers.

Sales and marketing staff are now empowered to deliver the online marketing power to enhance your print media programs. Flashmag’s technology will make your investment in the print media work harder for you and potentially increase your success.


This medium for promotion over the Internet is growing exponentially. Don’t just rely on expensive paid banner advertising on the Internet to reflect your campaign. Our Solution can be deployed in very quick time and once a relationship has been created we can continue to assist you by adding new templates and work on other customized assistance to your direct marketing specifications . The possibilities for Flashmag are endless. The pricing of this application is one of the cheapest and most significant value for money options.........ever!!

Please contactus for any further information and for me to walk you through an online demonstration of the front end that the recipient sees and a tour of the easy to use online management section.

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