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ideas and applications for flashmag





As an industry the Motor Industry relies heavily on print media and direct mail campaigns to promote their offerings. Email communications are starting to be more and more important as the population moves to adopt email as it’s standard communication method.

Flashmag is very well suited to the Motor Industry and will enable an impressive and aggressive marketing campaign to those members of the industry ready to embrace Flashmag with it’s high reliance on visual presentation.

Motor groups use email communications, print media, brochures, flyers, PDF demonstrations and presentation systems all as a means of promoting and selling more cars.

Flashmag has the ability and functionality to adapt and evolve from all of these forms of communications. Importantly Flashmag can also be used by each motor group as a means of producing a live database of used car sale opportunities for prospective buyers.

Flashmag is creative yet simple to use empowering current motor dealers or their employees to communicate online in a professional and eye catching manner that is sure to retain your potential buyers interest in each email communication that you present online. It provides you with the fastest method of updating your clients to latest offers that is currently available in the market.

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