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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you complete custom built systems for operating Flashmag?
YES – we develop online systems that enable your organisation to manage, coordinate and develop your own Flashmag presentations.

Can I use graphics from current print media?
YES – you can download images from your desktop to the Flashmag system, creating your Flashmag magazine online. The system provides a compression and cropping tool to maximize image presentation in a foolproof manner.

Do you create templates for clients?
YES - we create templates for all clients as part of the initial set up fee. We can assist in your program design and create a template that could be reused in future campaigns.

Can I email the Flashmag?
YES – Sending the Flashmag via email is as simple as copying a link from the system to your email out system. This can be done via outlook and it will not be a file attachment to the outgoing email it will be a link to your Flashmag. If you want to have an off site email out system including tracking we can provide you this additional service.

Can I do it myself?
YES – After completion of the set up templates Flashmag is designed to enable small to large business operations to complete the Flashmag content and manage the program themselves. We provide online support and assistance so you are never alone.

How does Flashmag present to the recipient?

Flashmag is a clever Internet presentation tool that mimics the appearance of a real life magazine. You as the Interent visitor can now feel like you are interacting with a real time magazine.

How do I manage the system?

Each client has access to an online administration area directly on the Internet from any computer. Each client creates and manages their Flashmag online. The online administration area has a help area that will guide you through the process from start to finish. The material is current from the moment you publish it. If you make a mistake and need to change something ten changes will appear next time a visito opens the Flashmag.

How do I insert my material?

Your text should first be developed in word to save any problems with getting your message correct and checking for spelling. Images are so easy to install, crop and to compress for this web application. You don't need too much prepreparation. The image uploading tool does most of the work.

How much does it cost?

Flashmag is a fraction of the cost of a print alternative!

Each clients package is unique. We go through a one hour demonstration and assessment of your needs with each new client. We then develop a quote for the setting up of your templates and other intial set up options. This is a one off fee according to how much time is estimated for development. You may ask us to assist with graphics or text design or program concepts. Additional work will be charged on an hourly basis.

There is an ongoing monthly running fee that will be dependent on numbers of participants and potential numbers of recipients.

If you manage My Flashmag program for me what does that cost?

Flashmag is relatively simple to use so managing the system yourself is likely to be the most cost effective option. Alternatively to ensure against issues with design and functionality we provide support and creative design on an hourly cost basis.

Do I need to host this on my website server?

NO. Flashmag monthly service fee accounts for the hosting cost of running Flashmag. You pay NO bandwidth fees over and above the monthly service fee.

What extras are available?

Extra include emailout tool with tracking tool.
Business consulting advice.
Post audit analysis and reporting.
Additional support to clients above basic needs.
Paid Advertising in Flashmag.

Do I get value for my money?

Flashmag is probably the most ground breaking technology on the Internet today. Closing the gap between old age communications and new age communications has in the past been too expensive. The gap between print media and Internet communications has been slashed to be an innovative business decision at a fraction of the cost of print.

Flashmag will save organisations thousands of dollars on print media and design. It will also place your company at the leading edge of this technology application and increase your brand value.

Flashmag’s ability to create a new campaign quickly, cheaply and deliver it to consumers fast will result in more campaigns, more promotional activity and more imformation disemmination than you ever thought possible. Flashmag will be well within your budget.

THERE is absolutley no question as to VALUE for money of this Flashmag product.
Let us prove this to you.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on your needs some clients can be setup within days, whilst others require specific customization. Most development work should not exceed four weeks from a signed contract and receipt of a deposit.

If I gave you material today how long before it is online?

Depending on your project we would expect it to be online within 5 working days.

How do the 2 advertising pages work?

Each magazine contains two pages dedicated to online advertising. These pages have a negotiated value which each client. If the client does not want to have advertising in the magazine they will be required to reimburse Flashmag the value of those pages at the negotiated rate within the contract.

You as the client can pay for those pages and then on sell them to your own clients. Alternately Flashmag will onsell this advertising to a non competing entity.

Is there a contract to sign?

YES – there is a contact to sign. This contact also details your obligations relating to email privacy and other online communications standards. Our minmum contract period is 6 months.

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